We are classic. We are loud. We are chic. We are BOLD. We are elegant. We are sarcastic.
Why do we have to choose? We are #paperwithattitude

At Paper Epiphanies, we are proud to create letterpress greeting cards and luxe office goods that capture the voice of today. We are proud to write words that are real. Words that sounds like us. We are proud to make cards that actually say what we are thinking.  

At Paper Epiphanies, we write in the moment. We make cards that you WANT to send. We write humor that actually makes you laugh…and maybe blush. Our authentic voice is that conversational tone that you’ve longed to find on stodgy card shelves. We write for YOU. That is what we do best.

At Paper Epiphanies, our “why” is to empower women. To champion women, to encourage women to say what they want to say and not feel confined by the rules society makes for them. In 2016, we launched our office line, Kiss My Pumps™ to support this mission.  

In just a few short years, our business has grown exponentially and we are proud to have our products carried in stores all across the globe. Our cards and goods are brought to life in our Portland, Oregon studio.