PE's 18 Favorites of 2018

It is that time of year. You know the one. A time for sentimental pondering and enthusiastic resolution making. Mingling with family, while simultaneously trying to avoid an emotional breakdown. Binge drinking and eating. Yes, that one.

Well, this year, we at Paper Epiphanies thought to accompany your well-deserved, third glass of wine this evening with some light reading material. Basically, a brain-dump of our own nostalgic thoughts and small reminders of why we started this company in the first place. Happy New Year’s Eve friends!

Paper Epiphanies Favorites of 2018 for your viewing pleasure! In no particular order…

1.     CHELSEA LEIFKEN - our collab with Chelsea was too much fun! Resulting in a hilarious, badass collection that will be our shelves for years to come. This collaboration inspired us to continue with our goals of supporting, empowering AND WORKING with women that we love!

2.     BLUSH PINK - we are pretty picky about our limited color palette around here, but we added a soft, elegant new envelope as a complement to our other favorites. We couldn’t love it more!

3.     LAS VEGAS MARKET - this year was our first time showing at the Las Vegas Market. We had a blast and added many new stores from different states to our retail family.

4.     NEW EMPLOYEES – we added new members to our team this year, including LIZ our fabulous packaging and fulfillment coordinator.

5.     FORBES, ABC, FOX - we were basically famous this year. Check out just a few of the fabulous news and media features from 2018! We are so grateful to the community and journalists who made these features possible!

o   Forbes

o   NBC - The 4th Trimester

o   ABC - Cards with an Edge to Empower Women

6.     4TH TRIMESTER - In May, we launched what has quickly become one of our most popular collections. The 4th Trimester: Cards for Moms! These honest and authentic cards were a wonderful reflection of our Founder’s journey as a first time mother!

7.     SPRAY PAINT - we’re basically taggers after successfully spraying a mural on our own wall behind our printing press.

8.     MARY TYLER MOORE - Speaking of presses. Our beloved Heidelberg Windmill affectionally named MTM, for obvious reasons, celebrate her one-year anniversary with us. Although, she’s technically almost 60 in press years.

9.     SPEAKER VIBES - Our Founder and CEO, Victoria Venturi had the honor of giving a 45-minute keynote address at the 2018 Greeting Card Association Convention in Cleveland this September! She also spoke at the Rose City Summit in Portland, Oregon with fabulous women such as Tarana Burke of the #metoo movement.

10.  INTERNS - for the first time, we officially started working with some fabulous (young AF) Reed college students to help bring a youthful, Gen Y spirit to the mix. For example, many college students these days have never seen WAYNE’S WORLD or SAVED BY THE BELL. What the actual fuck? That being said, they have taught us a few things. Our current intern, Naomi has been awesome at keeping our blog FRESH!

11.  WATER COOLER - our team wanted to add this one to the list. We finally stopped buying bulk water bottles and got a real-life office water cooler. Now we can lessen our environmental footprint AND gossip tritely around said cooler.

12.  NYC - we went rogue and hosted a buyer’s event at the YOtel with many of our other favorite brands. The event was a resounding success and has helped us think outside the box about future events.

13.  NEW REPS - we continued to grow our wholesale sales rep family by adding a new Pacific Northwest Group - The Gellert Collection!

14.  TAPE TAPE BABY - we finally got new packaging supplies. They are sexy. That is all.

15.  GIRL UP SUMMIT- we had the honor to attend the Investor Collective at the Girl Up Summit in Washington D.C. this past July. The amazing event inspired us immensely and reminded us to work even harder to donate more time, money and resources to those who need it most.

16.  POP UPS! - we hosted quite a few awesome pop up shops this year. From partnering with awesome retailers like Ecru Modern Stationer to partying at The Bar Method. We hosted events with The Junior League of Portland and had open studio days. The best part - SEEING YOU! We have lots of exciting stuff coming on the retail side in 2019 so stay tuned!

17.  THE UNKNOWN - over the course of 2018, we had many exciting meetings, planning sessions and big ideas. Some of those meetings went nowhere, others went to amazing places. Some people we are still waiting hear back from and others have already decided to help us grow. The point is - you have to take risks. Calculated risks. You have to own your brand and put yourself out there. If you don’t, you will always wonder ‘what if’.

18.  LOVE NOTES - Throughout the year, we often receive messages or hear stories about how our cards impacted others. Made them laugh, got them through a hard time or a breakup. This year was especially moving, as many of the notes received came from new mothers. We received a truly unbelievable amount of emails and DMs, heard stories told to our retail partners and more. Below we shared just one, but we thank you. Today and always. Thank you for inviting us into your homes, your relationships and your lives with our cards. You inspire us to keep writing.

Signing off for 2018.


Paper Epiphanies


Unique LA Here We Come

We were BEYOND excited to find out that we have been chosen as one of 2014 Unique LA Holiday Market vendors! We have been a fan of this creative makers market for years and are very excited to participate on December 6th and 7th!

If you're close to Los Angeles be sure to swing by and visit us! 

WHAT: The 7th Annual LA Holiday Market

WHEN: December 6th & 7th 

WHAT TIME: 11am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)

WHERE: The Penthouse at California Market Center, 110 East Ninth St.

DETAILS: $10 at the door (cash only), Kids 12 and under are free.  Free drinks! Free snacks! Free DIY craft projects all weekend long in The DIY Den! Free photo booth portraits. An exclusive Juice Served Here juice bar & G & B Coffee Lounge. Delicious food from the Fred 62 Pop-Up food court!


Paper Camp 2014

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Paper Camp. I know – pretty funny name, right?! My husband had visions of an adult slumber party with paper…which wasn’t too far from the truth. Overall, the weekend turned out to be an incredible experience. In the course of just two days, I gained invaluable tips on how to hone and grow my business and met so many incredible, talented women. I went home with more knowledge than I could handle, many new friends and one HUGE swag bag (more on that later).  Thinking about going yourself? Here’s the scoop:

Before the event even started, the founder of Trade Show Bootcamp, Katie Hunt pumped everyone up with a pre-camp mailer. The custom surprise arrived via snail mail about a week and half before camp and really set the tone for the entire weekend. To start, let’s just say these ladies GET paper. Katie also created fun, Paper Camp branded images for us to share on social media. The branding for the entire weekend was spot on. Everything had a cohesive feel and the branding really united all elements of the event.

When the weekend of Paper Camp finally arrived, the first 20 minutes felt like the first day of school. A little bit of the “who am I going to sit with at lunch” syndrome took over and I quickly made an effort to introduce myself to the ladies around me. That newbie feeling quickly melted away as I began chatting with the 25 other talent, inspiring women in the room. Over the course of the weekend, I can honestly say I met some truly incredible women that I know I will stay in contact with for years to come!

After everyone checked and received our custom laser-printed name tags, we made our way into the conference room which was decked out in all kinds of Paper Camp swag. Each camper had a customized notepad, clipboard and of course, the highly coveted Paper Camp manual with everything you need to know about creating a kickass wholesale arm for your business. Once everyone was settled in, the camp leaders got right down to business. And let me tell you – THESE LADIES MEAN BUSINESS!

The leaders in the room were all industry experts who represented numerous sides of the paper business. Over the course of two full days, they shared their experiences, insight, secrets and pitfalls. Katie of Tradeshow boot camp served as the moderator for the weekend and helped guide the questions and conversations. Carina and Kim of Crow and Canary shared amazing insights, helped campers learn what card reps are looking for and how to prepare your business for working with a rep.  Julie of Sweet Paper in La Jolla attended to speak on behalf of what buyers are looking for in your card line. She did an incredible job of explaining the buying habits of retailers, what timeline they purchase on and most importantly, all of their pet peeves. On the designer front, Rachael of Pistachio Press, Claudia of Fig 2 Design, Amber of Fly Wheel Press, and Erika of Delphine all shared incredible information on how they “grew up” in the paper industry – DOs and DON'Ts, hard lessons learned, and more. Each of them brought something incredibly unique to the group dynamic and they all played an important role in the weekend. Often, the group leaders would strongly disagree on a topic and I thought this was one of the most genuine elements of the conference. They basically shared that there is never one “right way” to do things and these ladies were perfect examples of that. Each had very different opinions on everything from booth design to selling to consumers and the camp allowed me to see all of those different perspectives.

Some of the fine ladies at Paper Camp 2014!

In addition to the camp leaders, we had the opportunity to meet with Ronnie of DeFrance Printing to discuss a variety of printing options, as well as meet with Carlos of Manny Stone to learn all of the various options for booth installations at NSS. During each break, we had the opportunity to browse through a "tools table" that housed example catalogs, wedding suites, NSS mailers, booth carpet and flooring samples and more. It was great to see how many options are out there and actually be able to touch them in person. It was refreshing to see that many big companies, simply do a tasteful, functional catalog and mailer and that you don’t have to go crazy to compete.

After each break, we would return to find special surprises at our table. The campers began to refer to it as the “stationery fairy” and we received everything from Poppin office gear to greeting cards and beautiful letterpress prints. And the best part of the HUGE Swag Bags we received…all of the items were created by Paper Camp Alums! Another element I enjoyed, were the numerous opportunities to socialize with the group leaders throughout the weekend in more casual settings. From a group dinner to various social/happy hours, there were many chances for great conversations to be had and additional questions to be answered.

Our incredible Paper Camp Leaders!

Our incredible Paper Camp Leaders!

Overall, I would say that Paper Camp is 100% worth the investment in your business. If you’re serious about creating a card line or stationery company, then Paper Camp is a must! The only problem is that once someone tells you everything you need to know, you suddenly have 5,000 new questions and the process starts all over again... hopefully, there will be many alumni events to come!

Can't wait to put all of this learning into action!

- Paper Epiphanies