5 Cards That’ll Make #YoMama Laugh

Let’s be straight – your Mom deserves a good laugh after some of the shit you’ve pulled over the years. And Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show the lady who guided you through your terrible 2’s, that ‘awkward phase’, heartbreaks and everything in between, just how amazing she is.

Since ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ doesn’t quite cut it, we’ve created five cards with heartfelt and funny sentiments that are sure to put a smile and probably a smirk on your Mom’s face. 

Pick the card that best suits your Mom and share in the comments below!

For the eternally cool Mom who is your bestie: 

For the Mom who looks hot at any age: 

For the Stepmom who makes your dad very happy:

For the Mom who needs to take a load off after raising your ass:  

For the Stepmom whose closet you would raid in a heartbeat: