EITHER / OR with Jess Astrella

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This past May, Paper Epiphanies collaborated with artist Jess Astrella to produce ten beautiful cards. Enter the #JROCROxPE collection. These cards are united by the women contained within, each holding a sign encapsulating a moment. Some of these cards are vulnerable, others silly, but all offer the relatable, heartfelt content that we strive to produce. In order to introduce #JROCROxPE, we wanted to share a bit about the genius behind this line. Thus, we asked the fabulous Jessica Astrella some Either/Or questions with some amusing results!

But first a little about Jess…

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Jess has lived in a variety of places from New York to Texas. Her business, J.RoCro stems from her maiden name Jessica Rose Crowell, which changed after she married her ‘darling’ husband. Today, she is back in Portland with a new puppy, and a baby on the way, producing art and building her business. Jessica’s work is a special brand of product. A mix between lettering and drawings using gouache, calligraphy ink, pencils and pens, her work captures the world in a way only she can achieve. Her work ranges from images of pets, to maps, houses, and even Beyonce. We love Jess’s unique style and her accompanying vibrant personality, which come together to create the sincere cards that make up #JROCROxPE. Go to her website to learn more about Jess and her work!

East Coast or West Coast?

Lived on both, but West is best

Red Wine or White Wine?

Please, mix ‘em together. I don’t care if rosé is out  - it’s drinkable and I’m here for it. Throw some Lacroix in it while we’re at it.

Salty or Sweet? 

I’m eating a Frosty right now, so…. sweet. Very sweet.

Black + White or Color?

Black and white (except when it comes to thinking!)

Flats or heels?

I was strictly a heels-girl in my NY days but I’m 27 weeks pregnant right now and think I’ve fully converted to a flats lady. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Eating out or Eating in?

We just renovated our house and put in a new kitchen so not only do I like to use it, but, eating out is for rich people. So, in! With friends over of course.

Beach or Mountains?


Reading or TV?

Reading will always be my deepest love, but TV is a cunning mistress.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Iced, unsweetened, with a splash of coconut milk.

Online Shopping or Real Life Shopping?

Real life! 

Rock-n-Roll or Country?
I never would have said country before, but, I’d do anything for Kacey Musgraves so… welcome to the yee-yee club, me.