EITHER / OR with Gia Graham


This February, Paper Epiphanies is releasing six cards very close to our hearts in a collab with the lovely Gia Graham. Together we chose to highlight 6 powerful African American women in history who fought for both their rights and the rights of others in our new GIA GRAHAM x Paper Epiphanies line (GGxPE). With a combination of Gia’s stunning designs on our letterpress cards, we have produced a product that we feel truly encapsulates the history and impact of these wonder women. We thought the best way to introduce this new collab was to share our appreciation of the fabulous Gia with you in another installment of Either/ Or.

To start, however, a little bit about Gia…

Born and raised in Barbados, Gia moved to the United States to attend school in Georgia. After getting her bachelors in 1999 in Graphic Design, Gia moved first to Chicago, then back to Atlanta, working with various companies as a designer. In 2005, Gia left the corporate world to co-found a custom invitation design company, where she had the opportunity to infuse her creativity to its full extent into her work. After leaving this company and starting a new brand focusing specifically on custom wedding invitations, Gia shifted her focus towards the larger stationery world, launching greeting cards and gift products that were sold at over 250 stores around the world. Today, following the birth of her second son, Gia has left wholesale and moved on to freelance design in stationery, textile, gift and homeware products. Which is where we found her! Gia aims to combine the “opposing cultural aesthetics” of the island world where she grew up and the urban world in which she lives now, resulting “in modern design enlivened with lush florals, foliage and a keen eye for color”. In our collab, Gia’s unique background and experience come together to make a truly special line of cards where you can see her style shine. Check out GGxPE and check out Gia!

Kids or Dogs?

Kids... although some days I would legit trade my kids for a Labradoodle.

Ice cream or French fries?

FRIES. Carbohydrates are my love language. 

Flats or heels?


Beach or Mountains?


Reading or TV?


Coffee or Tea?


Flowers or Foliage?

ACK! Don't make me choose! 

Night in or night out?

Night in