EITHER | OR with Chelsea Leifken


In May, Paper Epiphanies released a collaboration with one of the most badass females around. Chelsea and Victoria worked together to create a line that embodied all of Chelsea's vibes. The result? 8 authentic, heartfelt and, best of all, hilarious cards in the CHELSEA LEIFKEN x Paper Epiphanies line. #CLxPE This week, Chelsea kicks off our new EITHER | OR series -- to the amusement of all involved.

First, a bit about Chelsea:

Queen of the font, Chelsea is best known for her inspiring and relatable expressions, which make anyone who sees them smile. After graduating from FIDM LA, Chelsea faced several of life's inevitable but heart-wrenching waves, struggling to find herself and her message. Despite all of life's curveballs, or perhaps because of them, Chelsea is now the guru of mastering that which mastered her before. In addition to owning her own namesake collection based in LA, as well as working with several non-profit organizations and collaborators, this bosslady is on a self-titled, global movement of self love in which she shares her art around the world. Chelsea embarks on this mission with the biggest smile and infectious positive attitude a person can have, only one of the reasons we love her, in addition to her creativity and badass, yet hilarious personality. Check out her Either/Or questions below, along with her website and our CHELSEA LEIFKEN x Paper Epiphanies collab to see this amazing woman in action!


Meditation or Sex?


Crystals or Incense?


Tattoos or Piercings?


East Coast or West Coast?


Blue or Pink?


Coffee or Tea?


Writing or Drawing?

Writing, duh