Shooting the Shit With Our Retailers: Episode 2!

Welcome to the second round of Shooting the Shit With Our Retailers. Here at Paper Epiphanies we treasure our retailers the way we treasure our Corgis (ok, maybe not that much- sorry Twinkie!) and know that without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are today. Not only do we love our retailers for the amazing work they do, but also for who they are as people! This series is a fun way for us to share them with you! We’ve asked two of our favorite retailers to answer a variety of questions, some silly, some serious, and presented them for your viewing pleasure below:



Ecru Modern Stationer

Our first spotlighted retailer is LeAnn from Ecru Modern Stationer. This Portland-based boss lady opened her first shop in 2006 in the Pearl District after 10+ years of working in stationery. This store was born from LeAnn’s love of the greeting card: for her, it encapsulates the relationship between people, celebrated through their shared special moments in life. Today, there are three Ecru Modern Stationer stores around Portland, all offering a fantastic selection of stationery products and of course, Paper Epiphanies! Look no further for all your Portland paper needs!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 11.35.20 AM.png


Our next spotlighted retailer is Alex, owner of Folio. Based in Larkspur, California, Alex created Folio to share her love of the timelessness of stationery. Appreciating how the action of pen-to-paper transcends modernity and technology to provide a genuine communication between people, Alex built her store in this image to provide amazing stationery products for all those who share her passion. Be sure to stop by or check her out online!

And now for the main attraction…

How did you name your store?

Ecru: I was looking for a name that related to paper but didn’t say paper...I had already been working in the paper world for 11 years and ecru was a classic color of stationery and is derived from the color of unbleached linen. My vision for the shop was keep the classic but do it with a very modern twist. Plus, Ecru looked good in a logo using the typewriter font that I liked......

Folio: I inherited the name- but I like it- so that’s good!

What if you HAD to sleep with a celebrity who would it be?

Ecru: Brad Pitt circa Legends of the Fall....

Folio: Cary Grant- I know he’s dead- but I don’t care- if I must choose a living celebrity, I would choose Robert Redford (40 years ago) or Brad Pitt (present age).

What is your favorite Paper Epiphanies card?

Ecru: ‘Gorgeously Human’ (collab with Chelsea Leifken). It is a sentiment I strive to remind myself every day.

Folio: “He was a prick” or “give anything to take off my bra right now”

If your life was a song what would it be and why?

Ecru: “Keep your head up” by Andy Grammar. In retail I think you must have an upbeat and positive attitude. Being a single proprietor, with three stores, it can be difficult to keep this prospective. I consistently remind myself to keep my head up and this helps me keep things moving forward!

Folio: “Once, Twice, Three Times. A Lady” Lionel Ritchie (no idea why that came to me first)- it was that or “Brick House” (kidding)

What is one goal of yours for the next year?

Ecru: My biggest goal is to spend more time working on the big picture! Delegate the minutia to free up my time.

Folio: More time off.

If you had to wear the same outfit every day, what would it be?

Ecru: Easy, a relaxed white T, skinny jeans and one of my comfy pairs of boots.

Folio: Jeans, boots, t-shirt, cardigan (I kind of do).

What is the most special card or note you ever received?

Ecru: The latest card or note from my husband. He writes me the sweetest notes and I save them all, as each one is a treasure to me.

Folio: Anything from my mom or pop (both in heaven).