FOunder and Ceo, Victoria Venturi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Venturi started her career at the intersection of creativity and business. As a communications and marketing executive, she spent more than ten years launching successful campaigns for studios, companies and big brands including FOX®, American Idol, GLEE, Disney®, Nickelodeon®, Warner Bros.®, Hilton Hotels, Cabbage Patch Kids® and many more. Spoiler alert — she also spent a few years dabbling in stand-up comedy on the side.

In 2012, she fell in love with art of letterpress but saw there was a niche in the market. There were many edgy cards, but none that combined the elegance of letterpress with the truth of the tongue. Her vision? A beautiful and feminine line of stationery and office goods that could celebrate the humor in life. A line of paper that pushed the envelope and didn’t need to play by the “rules.”  That allowed women to say ‘fuck’ when they needed to and still look insanely chic. Thus, Paper Epiphanies was born! 

Armed with a credit card and a passion for writing, Victoria quickly turned her side hustle into a full-time career. In 2014, Paper Epiphanies officially launched and the growth has been nothing short of astounding. Now, people all around the world are laughing right along with her.

Leading with her motto, “who says power can’t be pretty,”  Victoria aims to expand the reach of Paper Epiphanies and build a multi-faceted brand that empowers women. Big goals? To rid the world of stigmas placed on femininity and women in business. To create beautiful, sassy, chic, edgy products that make women laugh, make women feel supported and most importantly, remind women that their place is ANYWHERE they want it be.